EUC Visio Stencils and Icons (2018)

Posted on 22 Jan 2018 by Ray Heffer

Horizon Cloud on Azure

I’ve been using Microsoft Visio for a very long time, and it’s still my tool of choice when creating architecture diagrams. Since PowerPoint on the Mac has been massively improved I do use that more often, but you can’t beat Visio for the more detailed diagrams. With that, it has been almost 3 years since I shared my last EUC Visio stencil set so I decided it’s time for an update for 2018. I do intend to add a lot more shapes to this set as I create them. Many of these are from existing Visio Stencils available online (see links below), whereas others are ones I’ve collected over the years or had to create myself. You can see all of the shapes and icons included in this Visio Stencil Set in the image above.

If you feel like creating some icons yourself you can either do it the old fashioned way in Adobe PhotoShop (like I do), or use the open-source icons from VMware Project Clarity. Lilia Kim (VMware Sr Visual Designer) has done a great write-up on Clarity here.

Update: I had to remove this post for a short time and remove some company logos for legal reasons. The shapes I have removed can easily be found online with a Google search anyway.

These are NOT official VMware stencils.

Download here

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