VMware View 5 Network Communication & Ports

Posted on 18 Apr 2012 by Ray Heffer

VMware View 5 Network Ports VMware KB 1027217 details the ports required between all the components in VMware View 5.0, but I noticed there were not any up to date diagrams illustrating this, so I’ve attached the View 5 Ports here. This won’t need much explanation, but a few key points to highlight here:

The replica View Connection Server detailed here is not a ‘slimmed down’ Connection Server, as both accept connections from the View Client and can tunnel connections. I’ve simply removed the PCoIP Gateway and HTTP(S) Secure Tunnel to keep the diagram tidy.

The JMS (Java Messaging Service) communication between the View Connection Server and Desktop VM (View Agent) is very important and requires that the View Connection servers are on the same low-latency LAN as the desktop VMs. This can also be encrypted with ‘Message Security Mode’ enabled.

When using RDP from the Windows View Client, notice that the RDP session is established locally ( via the View Client which connects to the desktop VM.

If using the Security Server as a PCoIP gateway or secure tunnelling for RDP, the connection is established between the View Client and the Security Server, and then between the Security Server and the desktop VM (View Agent). In this configuration, the View Client does not connect to the desktop VM directly via RDP or PCoIP.

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