VMware Horizon 6 View Configuration Maximums

Posted on 02 Jul 2014 by Ray Heffer

Updated (July 3rd 2014): VMware doesn’t currently maintain an official Horizon 6 or View Configuration Maximums document, unlike the vSphere configuration maximums PDF which is has existed for many years. There are some maximum configurations in the Horizon 6 official documentation, and release notes but this does not include everything. Before diving into the configuration maximums below, let me first explain how they are derived. Many of the configuration maximums come from testing by developers at VMware and part of the Quality Assurance (QA) process before a product is released to GA (General Availability). These are what you’ll find in the product release notes or architecture guides. Other configuration maximums are derived from best practices, benchmark tests, and observations from many implementations and tests in the real world.

A configuration maximum that has caused some confusion over recent years in the number of linked clone virtual machines per datastore/LUN. For VMware View 5.1 and prior this was documented as a maximum of 64 linked clones per LUN (VMFS). Since View 5.2 this increased to 128 linked clones per VMFS datastore, and 140 if VAAI is enabled. Today with Horizon 6 this guidance hasn’t changed and this is reflected in the maximums below. If you refer to the Storage Sizing Guide for Windows 7 for View 5.2, page 6, you will see it is also stated there (in case you doubt!).

I don’t want to go off-topic as this could easily turn into a storage discussion, but consider NFS for a moment. It’s a file-based (as opposed to block) storage system and with View Composer for Array Integration (VCAI) support and many new storage vendors adopting NFS (E.g. Atlantis Computing, Nutanix, Tintri) it is becoming a very popular choice for vSphere and Horizon deployments. With that in mind, we don’t suffer any limitations on maximum linked clones per NFS datastore, although best practice would suggest 180-250 as a balanced and tested maximum.

Horizon 6 Architecture Configuration Maximums

Setting Maximum Notes
Hosts per cluster 32 Max hosts per cluster supported with View
Linked clones per VMFS LUN 128 Best practice maximum
Linked clones per VMFS LUN (VAAI) 140 Best practice maximum
Linked clones per NFS 180-250 Best practice maximum
Virtual desktops per pool 2000 Maximum number of virtual machines in a single desktop pool
Virtual desktops recomposed at a time 2000 Based on VMware documentation and testing
Replica datastores per desktop pool 1 Hard limit
Active Connection Servers 7 Supported maximum of active View Connection Servers per View instance (Pod)
Simultaneous (Direct PCoIP/RDP) connections per Connection Server 2000 Based on VMware documentation and testing
Simultaneous (Tunnelled RDP) connections per Connection Server 2000 Hard limit
Simultaneous (Tunnelled PCoIP) connections per Connection Server 2000 PCoIP Secure Gateway sessions
Simultaneous (Blast/HTML Access) connections per Blast Gateway 800 Recommended maximum (previously 350)
Virtual desktops per vCenter 10000 Maximum supported (*2000 recommended)
Active Sessions per View instance (Pod) 10000 7 Connection Server
Sites per Cloud Pod 2 Maximum supported sites per Cloud Pod
View Pods per Cloud Pod 4 Maximum supported View Pods per Cloud Pod
Active Sessions per View Cloud Pod 20000 Supported maximum active sessions in federated Cloud Pod
Virtual SAN hosts per cluster 32 Supported maximum (**16 recommended with Horizon deployments)

* Whilst a single vCenter for a View Pod is supported (10,000 desktops) this isn’t recommended. Each View block (delimited by vCenter) should be sized at 2,000 virtual desktops per vCenter. This avoids a single point of failure and distributes maintenance and provisioning operations across vCenter servers (E.g. power-on, recompose, refresh)

** Virtual SAN presents a single datastore per cluster. Whilst a 32 host cluster is supported, vSphere HA supports 2048 powered-on virtual machines per datastore which would equate to 64 virtual desktops per host. For better VM:host ratio and consolidation 16 host clusters are recommended.

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