VMware Horizon Suite Implementation & Design Challenges

Posted on 10 Jul 2013 by Ray Heffer

With so many blogs, podcasts, and books on VMware virtualisation, we are all very lucky to have a wealth of information at our disposal. However, having recently spoken to customers and also community members at the last VMUG, I have noticed that there is still a big demand for more valuable content based on VMware Horizon. There is so much to talk about in regards to End-User Computing and in particular the VMware Horizon Suite, so this is something I will be focusing on for the remainder of 2013. I will be presenting on some topics this year, and certainly writing more blog posts on topics like Horizon Workspace.

To help me focus on topics that are in demand, I’ve put together this survey. If you are a blogger or just love to Tweet, then please share this. It only contains 5 questions and it will close on 2nd August 2013. Once I’ve collected the results I will share them here on my blog. This is not an official survey, but it will be interesting for us in the community to see if it’s technical deep dives or design best practices that you want to learn more about.