Results are in! VMware Horizon Tech Discussion Survey

Posted on 04 Aug 2013 by Ray Heffer

Almost one month ago now I was at the London VMUG when I got talking with other virtualization gurus, customers, and industry comrades when I realized there was a thirst for more information about VMware Horizon Suite, and in particular Horizon Workspace. The latest version (Horizon Workspace 1.5) was announced last week, and I needed to get some focus on the topics YOU are interested in learning more about. I am setting myself a goal to do some presentations this year, and they are most likely going to be focused on Horizon Workspace. But is it a technical deepdive or implementation overview that people want to know more about?

So I conducted a short but targeted survey to identify the ‘hot’ topics for Horizon Suite. This is obviously very much focused on end-user computing (I don’t like to use the term VDI here), and here are the results!

What would you most like to learn most about VMware Horizon View 5.2?

The Architect

What would you most like to learn most about VMware Horizon Workspace?

The Architect

Which of these VMware Horizon Suite products or features are you considering for your environment?

The Architect

What do you consider is the best choice for application virtualization?

The Architect


  • Numecent Application Jukebox
  • They’re all terrible!

What do you feel is the most challenging aspect when designing for desktop virtualization?

1= No sweat! 2= Easy enough 3= Needs consideration 4= Challenging 5= My head hurts!

The Architect

…And The Winner Is:

  • VMware View Design Best Practices
  • VMware Horizon Suite Technical Deepdive
  • Application Virtualization is HARD!

As I’ve stated in the title, this is not an official survey and neither is it very scientific. But the titles above really reflect what I’ve been talking with customers about and people at events like VMUG and vForum. In the coming months I will be putting together blog posts, video and ‘fingers crossed’ some presentations on these subjects.