Privacy Policy

Effective from January 27th 2019

Personal Statement

Ray Heffer, (“I”, “we”, “owner”, “operator” and “author”) for this website (“service”, “site”, “blog”) takes privacy very seriously. This site does not use any ad-based services (advertisements) as I believe the information I share should be free, with or without the use of ad-blockers, and without tracking by ad-services.


The privacy policy is quite simple. I collect absolutely no information about my visitors. I do not use any type of web analytics, and I encourage you to verify this with a browser script blocker such as uBlock Origin. This site is generated using static HTML, JavaScript and CSS using Jekyll and published to GitHub Pages. I never disclose any contact information obtained or stored to any entity. In addition, this site is fully configured with HTTPS and I accept no traffic over HTTP. I truly respect your privacy.


YouTube Privacy-Enhanced Mode:

Some of my pages, such as Public Speaking and About Ray contain embedded YouTube videos. I have enabled YouTube’s Privacy-Enhanced Mode. With this enabled, YouTube won’t store information about visitors to this site, unless videos intereact with the videos (i.e. play, launch video, open on YouTube).

Site Assets:

All site assets (i.e images, HTML files, CSS, fonts, JavaScript) and site content are stored on GitHub Pages. I do not use third-party hosting services for site assets that would otherwise introduce tracking via cookies or other methods. The Jekyll framework for this site is available for inspection, forking, cloning under MIT License. Actual content (i.e. blog posts, images, intelectual property) is Copyright, Ray Heffer.


Commenting for blog posts on this site utilizes embedded Tweet on certain blog posts using the Twitter’s JavaScript API. To maintain privacy, blog post pages are loaded with <meta name="twitter:dnt" content="on"> which limits data collection by Twitter. See the Twitter Developer Privacy page for more details on the DNT feature and guidance for visitors of sites that use embedded Twitter comments.