New VCDX successes make the grade!

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by Ray Heffer

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) Congratulations to the latest VCDX successes that made it in July 2014. You’ll find the VCDX Directory has been updated once again following the recent design defence round in Frankfurt this month. I’d just like to personally congratulate @harsha_hosur, @safouh75, @robertquast, @elgwhoppo, @sidbrydon, @vTerahertz, @agmalanco, @NiranEC, and @Gortees. This is an awesome achievement and it’s great that this once small group of experts is growing to a huge army of architects!

I’ve mentored a few budding VCDX candidates over recent months, some of whom have made the grade and others that didn’t quite make it this time. If you are one of the candidates that didn’t make it, then don’t be too hard on yourself. The fact you were invited to defend in front of the VCDX panelists is an achievement in itself. I am not the first to say this, but having the perfect design doesn’t mean you’ll pass the mark.

The entire process of the VCDX is a monumental journey, from taking your first VCP exam to all those changes in your career that eventually led to you believing in this goal. I remember failing my first VCP in 2006, I was totally unprepared and felt terrible. The second time round I passed it with almost 100%, and never even contemplated that I’d eventually end up a VCDX working for VMware. Experiencing the VCDX defense panel first hand is a real eye opener too. No matter how many blog posts or topics you read, the experience is your own. In particular, nobody knows the design better than you do. I know many engineers and architects that didn’t pass first time, and the preparation for the first defense gives you a huge advantage that really prepares you for the next one.

I’m pretty busy these days with lots of travel, especially with VMworld coming up, but if you are aiming to get your VCDX and want to chat then feel free to contact me. It’s probably best to send me a Tweet or DM and even if I can only spare an hour or so I’d be more than happy to share my experience and preparation tips over a coffee or Skype call. If I don’t respond immediately, don’t panic though… I am mega busy but will get back to you!

You can read the rest of my VCDX related posts here. Well done to all of the new VCDX’s!