OnePlus One – The Worst Customer Service

I do not usually write blog posts of this nature, but as many of the readers of my blog are in the also into technology and gadgets then you may want to hear about the terrible customer service I have received from OnePlus. On February 2nd 2015 I ordered a OnePlus One 64GB Sandstone Black which arrived next day. I am extremely pleased with the phone itself, but in less than 2 weeks the charger stopped working. In my line of work I travel a lot, and depend on using my phone at the airport for my BA tickets, navigation, email, calendar and it goes without saying that a charger is essential. [Read more…]

VCDX – So You Want To Become a VMware Architect?

Double VCDX Becoming a VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert) doesn’t mean you have reached the path to enlightenment or qualify you for an immediate pay rise. There, I said it. That is the reality. Yes it is the highest level of certification by VMware but it should NOT be your end game. The VCDX should be an incremental goal to where you want to be, you just might not realize it yet.

I’ve had a lot of time recently to catch up with the latest tweets and blogs from the virtualization community and I’ve noticed a few misconceptions about the VCDX. I have also seen some excellent comments from other VCDX’s that reflect what I am about to say.

In The Beginning

Back in the early days when the VCDX was in low double digits, there were awards, branded beer, and songs around the camp fire under the star lit sky. Well maybe not the last one but it was a big celebration and rightly so. The number of VCDX title holders are in the hundreds now and I wouldn’t think it is practical to have such a merry dance and award ceremony each time someone achieves their VCDX. Don’t get me wrong I would love this to be case, camp fire songs included, but that just isn’t going to happen.

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VMware EUC and Datacenter Visio Stencils 2015

Update 2: Now includes even more VMware NSX shapes!
VMware EUC Horizon 6 Visio StencilsI can’t believe it has been almost a year since I last posted the VMware vSphere and End User Computing stencil set for Microsoft Visio. After a few instances with broken links this past few weeks I decided the icons and graphics needed an update for 2015 anyway. I’ve now included App Volumes and removed some older graphics, in addition to including many application icons such as Microsoft Office 2013, 2010, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

These are not official VMware stencils, but I often use these when putting diagrams or presentations together. You can also copy these from Microsoft Visio to PowerPoint with a simple copy & paste.

These are free to use and share so click the Twitter link at the bottom of this post and share with the community!

Download the Stencil Set: VMware EUC and Datacenter 2015 Visio Stencil Set

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EUC Sessions at VMworld Barcelona 2014 (EUC3330-GD)

VMworld (Barcelona) 2014
As usual for this time of year I’m excited to be making my final preparations for VMworld Europe (Barcelona) and I thought I’d try something new and host a group discussion about using Horizon 6 with RDS Hosted Applications and Desktops. If you are interested in taking part then make sure to register for EUC3330-GD using the VMworld schedule builder. As the title suggests, being a group discussion means that this will be interactive and give you the opportunity to not only hear from myself on VMware Horizon 6 and RDS best practices, but hear from partners and customers on their implementations and experiences.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Shellshock Vulnerability and Potential Exploitation (not another blog post on CVE-2014-6271 / CVE-2014-7169)

Bash (Shell Shock) Exploit LogoAs tempting as it is, I have no intention of jumping on the ‘Shellshock’ band wagon and writing a vague post on the subject. However, I do find this recent bash exploit interesting and worthy of investigation as it’s simple to test and has a plethora of vectors that could be exploited. I’ve read many media reports on this and unfortunately some of their layman’s terms are inaccurate or do not provide the full picture. The purpose of this blog post is for my own reference and anybody that needs starting point of where to look. For an in-depth look at this then I would recommend you read Troy Hunt’s article. For a quick technical reference then feel free to read on… [Read more…]

Virtual Design Master ‘Community and Learning’ VCP, VCAP, VCDX

Design-MasterIf you follow the virtualization community on Twitter then you may have already seen the hashtag #VirtualDesignMaster, and it’s something that I really think deserves more attention. The series over at presents competitors with a design challenge that puts their knowledge to the test, requiring many skills and disciplines from the virtualization industry. Even if you are not a veteran virtualization guru, the competitors come from all backgrounds and including networking and storage. In fact the competitors range from those holding VCP, VCAP, MCSE and other industry certifications to just solid work experience.

This series is in it’s 2nd season now, following on from a theme where zombies start taking over our planet and a virtual infrastructure design is required as part of the effort to save the world. It really does seem like great fun and you don’t have to be officially competing to take part as the design scenario is available on the website.

I just love the creativity and thought that has gone into this, and if you are studying for any design certification such as the VCAP-DCD or VCDX then I’d strongly recommend that you check out their Google Hangout recording on YouTube for a feel of what it’s about. In this video Melissa Palmer @vMiss33, Eric Wright @discoposse and Angelo Luciani @AngeloLuciani chat to the judges and competitors for Team Alpha and Team Beta.